We thank all that have assisted us in any way possible during this blessed month.

Please find below a summary of projects:

  • CWF members will be cooking at the Gift of the Givers centre on Saturday the 24th June.
  • Madressa Ashraful Uloom received hygiene packs and sweet packs for each learner
  • Roseneath School received  a large amount of non perishable groceries for its learners. Our weekly feeding scheme here continues and is well received.
  • R48 000.00 has been donated towards the purchasing of eid gifts for Muezzins around the Gauteng area.
  • New kurthas were purchased  for learners at a maktab in Uitenhague- Madressatus Salihee, Bilal Ibn Rabah Centre. The community responded again and gently used abaayas and kurthas were also sent.
  • Community members responded to a plea to assist with the set up of a grandmother and her grandchild. In a short time, much needed items were collected and handed over.
  • CWF is sponsoring the salary of an Islamic Teacher until the end of the year.
  • A weekly feeding scheme was started at Luthando Clinic in partnership with Dr Faaiza Carrim.
  • We thank the CWF Cancer Care Support team that has continued to provide much valued support to many individuals and families.
  • Two oxygen tank units, for home based care, were supplied to the Tzaneen Cancer Care Group.
  • Sanitary pads were handed over to the Milpark Princess Project.
  • R20 000.00 of Sanitary pads were purchased for distribution at various identified schools in Limpopo Province.
  • Sanitary pads were also obtained for distribution to the Myekeni Secondary School.
  • Funding was contributed to the Jamiat Kitchen Project
  • Funding was contributed to the IMA Cataract Campaign Project.
  • Requested grocery items were purchased for 14 families who lost their homes in a fire in the Orange Farm area.
  • Burial costs for an individual were covered.
  • We thank all the Doctors that have been involved in all the medical and surgical cases.
  • Medical screenings were done with the IMA at appa Latiefahs place.

New Projects:

1) CWF KIDS has been relaunched. Its a wonderful way to keep your children active through the year.
This will be a nationwide project and not just based in Jhb. Kindly contact any of the following ladies for more information on it.
Area representatives are being identified and will coordinate the activities for their respective areas.
Asima: 082 786 0382
Farnaaz: 084 686 0615
Nausheen: 082 545 2888
Salima: 084 205 6374
Arnaaz : 071 411 1161

2) In addition to our other feeding schemes, CWF will now be assisting with the supply of daily bread and milk to Appa Latiefah. Please contact any of these ladies to add your name to the roster.  This would mean just a financial contribution of R300 for the year insha Allah.  Individuals on the roster will receive a turn once a year , with a maximum of twice  a year, if required (R600 for the year).Should you wish to be added to this roster, kindly contact any of these members below:

Farnaaz: 084 686 0615
Yumna: 084 300 0021
Amina: 084 3442 2422

All these projects listed above and those we are still to undertake, are only made possible, becasue of your support. May Allah swt accept from us all.

Caring Womens Forum
Branch code: 256205
Lillah Acct: 60486116607Caring Womens Forum
Branch code: 256205
Zakaah Acct: 62012945161

For any further info on any of our projects, kindly contact any of our CWF members.

  • AKILA MAYET  083 309 6686
  • AMINA RAVAT 084 342 2422
  • ASIMA GHOOR 082 786 0382
  • AYESHA ESSACK 073 224 9984
  • AZRA DADA 082 637 8664
  • FARNAAZ TIMOL 084 686 0615
  • FATIMA GANI 071 478 0202
  • FATIMA BHABHA 082 551 6104
  • IRFANA ARBEE 083 690 3340
  • MARIAM GANI MOOSSA 082 929 1340
  • NABILA SALOOJEE BHAM 082 468 3183
  • NAUSHINA ISMAIL 082 625 6252
  • NAZMEERA GANI 084 870 1835
  • SHABNAM JOOSUB- CARIM 079 523 4836
  • SHAHEENA TAYOB 082 885 1609
  • SUMAYYA RANDAREE 072 645 2000
  • TASNEEM ABRAHAMS 071 676 3792
  • TASNEEM MAKDA MIA 082 653 7443
  • YUMNA PEER 082 600 9669   
  • ZAHEDA BHABHA 082 822 6002
  • ZAHEERAH BHAM – ISMAIL  073 500 4036
  • ZAINUB TAYOB 082 520 0203
  • ZEENAT GANI 082 560 1721
  • ZEENAT JOOSUB 082 900 5374

Do remember us in your duaas during these blessed days.

May Allah swt accept from us all.

Have a truly blessed EID




on behalf of the CWF team

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CWF is in need of lillah funds to oversee our monthly commitments to the many families that we assist. Please donate funds into the following account:

Caring Womens Forum
FNB Killarney Branch
Branch code: 256205
Acc No. 60486116607

Caring Womens Forum – Zakaat fund
FNB Killarney Branch
Branch code:256205
Acc No. 62012945161

NPO Number: 027-326
PBO :930052132

Proof of Payment:

Should you see any projects that you would like to get involved with or could contribute to, please do not hesitate to contact us.