Cakes for a Cause

Caring Women’s Forum has launched 💡a new arm CWF Kids
We support 4⃣different causes per year. A new one every 3⃣months. The idea is to make the kids aware and encourage them to be more active 💼with regards to collecting and giving charity💵. Our kids in SA 🇿🇦do get very involved but Insha-Allah this is specifically with the intention of children helping children. 👧🏽🔁👧🏽
Kids register to be on the database 💻and once they have completed 4⃣projects for the year they will get a certificate 💌 and also become part of the Cwf kids club🏅.The whole point though is that kids get involved in what ever small way they can. 
The first recipient we  are currently raising funds for is specialised wheelchairs ♿for Syrian children. The funds have to be in by mid September Insha-Allah. 
Insha allah -The first fundraising activity and launch in Sandton and Houghton is a bake sale 🎂🍰🍪🍩hosted manned and stocked by kids👭.This will be done outside Sandton madressa  on Friday 8⃣September 2017 at 4.30pm. Another cake sale will be done outside Houghton madressa (HMA) on Saturday 9⃣September 2017 at 9.00am.
We would love as many kids to get involved as possible even if it means making one cupcake 🍰themselves and helping to sell. 
If kids are interested in being on database 💻please get in touch with Yumna Peer 0826009669 or  
Irfana Arbee (083) 6903340. (Sandton)
Asima Ghoor ( (082) 7860382 or Farnaaz Timol (084) 6860615 (Houghton)
With everyone working together and with the good intention of our children we can make this project and others meaningful Insha allah.
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CWF is in need of lillah funds to oversee our monthly commitments to the many families that we assist. Please donate funds into the following account:

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Should you see any projects that you would like to get involved with or could contribute to, please do not hesitate to contact us.