1) CWF has donated R100 000.00 to help alleviate the plight of the Rohingya people.
This genocide has been described as ethnic cleansing and has left devastating consequences for many.  May Allah swt accept all our duaas  and efforts, insha Allah , ameen.
Funds have been donated to Salaamedia and will be distributed via Al Imdaad.

2) An additional R100 000.00 has been donated to Salaamedia towards the Arafat Paediatric Hospital in Baidoa, Somalia.

These donations are only possible because of the immense support received from you our donors.




on behalf of the CWF team

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CWF is in need of lillah funds to oversee our monthly commitments to the many families that we assist. Please donate funds into the following account:

Caring Womens Forum
FNB Killarney Branch
Branch code: 256205
Acc No. 60486116607

Caring Womens Forum – Zakaat fund
FNB Killarney Branch
Branch code:256205
Acc No. 62012945161

NPO Number: 027-326
PBO :930052132

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